About Us

School Rules

  • We are always kind, polite and use our best manners.
  • We look after each other and are aware of other’s feelings.
  • We only use words and actions that make people feel good about themselves.
  • We focus on our learning and try our best in everything we do.
  • We take care of our belongings and look after resources.
  • We listen to adults and each other.

Everyday expectations

  • We walk inside the building and to where we need to be.
  • We use the hand rail to go down stairs.
  • We walk quietly to assembly.
  • We are careful and considerate when moving through doors and hold doors for people.

At Playtime

  • We only play games which are safe for ourselves and other people.
  • We do not play games which involve grabbing or hurting people.
  • We look after playground equipment and play with it in the correct areas.
  • We go to peer mediators and adults for help if we cannot resolve situations peacefully.
  • We stand still and quietly on the first whistle and walk to our line on the second whistle.
  • We walk quietly to our classrooms when we enter the building.
  • We do not go into the school building without permission from an adult.

Before and after school

  • We do not play ball games or chase games before school.
  • We do not go on the traversing wall before or after school.
  • When the school day ends we go straight to where we should be.