April 29, 2020
Year 6 Families
June 12, 2020

Lily Lane VE Day Event Lily Lane Primary school


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Lily Lane VE Day Event

Thursday 7th May 2020 1pm onwards

Welcome and info
Song – Wish me luck as you wave me Goodbye
Children’s warm up and teaching of Run Rabbit Run
Song – Run Rabbit Run
Presentation of log book and artefacts x3/4
Poem section 1 – Louise Fazackerley
Song – White Cliffs of Dover
Teaching of 4 bar repetitive dance
Song – Side by Side
Teachers messages part 1 (x4)
Recap of Obey your Air Raid Warden
Song – Obey your Air Raid Warden
Poem section 2 – Louise Fazackerley
Songs – Song medley
Teachers messages part 2 (x4)
Poem section 3 – Louise Fazackerley
Thank you
Final messages, rounding up, recap of We’ll Meet Again
We’ll meet again