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August 4, 2020
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October 19, 2020

Lily Lane Primary School Drop Off and Pick Up Information September 2020


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Drop off and Pick up Information

Thank you for your cooperation and support with ensuring children have been able to return safely and happily to Lily Lane.


The start and finish times are as follows:

Nursery stay and play times have been communicated with parents.

Reception children – doors will be open from 8:45 and pick up time is from 2:55pm.



In line with Government guidance, there will be some changes to the morning drop off and afternoon pick up arrangements. We hope that you understand that, for the whole school community’s safety, they are changes that we must put in place and will include:

  • Arrows showing a one-way system when entering and exiting the school grounds.
  • No access to the main office until further notice. Any messages/concerns should be telephoned or emailed into school.
  • Designated waiting areas at pick up times.
  • An expectation that all adults will socially distance.
  • High expectations for parents/carers to be on time when dropping off and picking up.
  • Wherever possible, only one family member to collect children.

These arrangements are not how we would normally wish to run school. However, we hope that you understand that they are necessary to minimise the risk of spreading Covid-19. We would request that all adults on the school premises follow these guidelines, are thoughtful and respectful, and work with the school as we adopt new approaches to keep everyone as safe as possible.

Points to note at drop off and pick up times

  • Please arrive and leave promptly at the time that you have been given.
  • When dropping off, please use the allocated entry gate, follow the one-way system, drop your child off at the correct door and then leave the premises promptly via the designated exit gate.
  • When collecting children, please use the allocated entry gate, make your way to the designated waiting area and maintain social distancing. Your child’s teacher will dismiss your child into your care and then we request that you leave the school premises immediately via the designated exit gate.
  • If you arrive by car, please think carefully about where to park and how to keep our children safe. Please consider walking to school wherever possible, or parking further away from school to reduce congestion. Please try to avoid parking on Lily Lane and Kenyon Lane. Lizmar Terrace will be closed to traffic.
  • Please do not allow any children to play in the MUGA or any play areas including the nursery.

Unfortunately, this won’t be the time when teachers can have conversations about children. If you do need to speak to your child’s teacher, this can be arranged by making an appointment over the phone or by emailing the school using the year group email address e.g  year3@lilylane.manchester.sch.uk