Attendance at school


If your child is unable to attend school, please let us know by telephone. If we do not receive a message on the first day of absence we will text you to find out the reason for absence, this will be followed by a telephone call from one of our Parent Support Advisers if we do not receive a response.

Please let us know in advance if your child has a doctor’s or dentist appointment and bring the appointment card or letter to the office. We would appreciate it if these appointments can be made during the holidays or after school where possible.

We run a reward scheme for pupils who attain 100% attendance or have the most improved attendance each half term.  Every child who has 100% or the most improved attendance has their name put in the prize draw.  One name per key stage is then pulled out and the winning family receive a voucher and a board game.

Attendance policy 2023/24


Government guidelines which came into force on 1st September 2013 state that we are unable to grant permission for holidays during term time. Holidays taken during term time may result in a penalty notice and fine.