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Home Learning – Year 5

This page will be updated regularly to add additional work/challenges for the children to complete.  Home learning can also be found on your child’s frog page. Click the link below and search for the class name to find the page you need.

Year 5 Frog


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Week beginning 25.01.2021

EMW (whole week)

FIT4LIFE- 25.01.2021

Red Crayon Art Challenge- 25.01.2021

English reading ‘The Day the Crayons Quit’- 26.01.2021

English task- 26.01.2021

Maths task- 26.01.2021

Miss Davies’ maths group- 26.01.2021

Miss Mirza’s maths group- 26.01.2021

FIT4LIFE- 26.01.2021

English task- 27.01.2021

English task Miss Mirza and Miss Davies’ groups- 27.01.2021

Maths task- 27.01.2021

Miss Davies’ maths group- 27.01.2021

Miss Mirza’s maths group- 27.01.2021

The Day the Crayons Quit- By Lily Lane Staff

Protesting Crayon Art task- 27.01.2021

FIT4LIFE- 27.01.2021

Maths task- 28.01.2021

Maths task Miss Davies Group- 28.01.2021

Miss Mirza’s maths group- 28.01.2021

English Powerpoint lesson- 28.01.2021

English task- 28.01.2021


Week beginning 18.01.2021

Whole week EMW- starting 18.01.2021

Maths task- 18.01.2021

‘Thank you’- Read by Mr Glynn

English- Writing a poem- 18.01.2021

English- Thank you poem- 18.01.2021

Art task- 18.01.2021

Monday tasks- 19.01.2021

English task- 19.01.2021

Maths task- 20.01.2021

Maths task- 20.01.2021

English task- 20.01.2021

Maths task- 21.01.2021

Maths task Miss Davies Group- 21.01.2021

English task- 21.01.2021

FIT4LIFE- 21.01.2021

Maths task- 22.01.2021

Maths task Miss Davies Group- 22.01.2021

English task- 22.01.2021


Week beginning 11.01.2021

Whole week EMW- starting 11.01.2021

Maths task- 11.01.2021

English task- 11.01.2021

FIT4LIFE- 11.01.2021

Mindfulness- 11.01.2021

Art task- 11.01.2021

Maths task- 12.01.2021

English task- 12.01.2021

Maths task- 13.01.2021

English task- 13.01.2021

Monday tasks- 14.01.2021

English task- 14.01.2021

Maths task- 15.01.2021

English task- 15.01.2021


Week beginning 04.01.2021

Tuesday EMW- 05.01.2021

English task- 05.01.2021

Maths task- 05.01.2021

Art task- 05.01.2021

English task- 06.01.2021

Maths task- 06.01.2021

FIT4LIFE- 06.01.2021

Mindfulness- 06.01.2021

Enterprise Week Challenge

English task- 07.01.2021

Maths task- 07.01.2021

Art task- 07.01.2021

FIT4LIFE- 07.01.2021

Mindfulness- 07.01.2021

English task- 08.01.2021

Maths task- 08.01.2021

FIT4LIFE- 08.01.2021

Mindfulness- 08.01.2021


Useful websites and activities:

Epic – Online reading books

Oxford Owl – Online reading books

Spelling Shed

Sign Language

Writing tasks – Great ideas for writing and support to structure your writing

Pobble 365 – Daily picture to write about

David Walliams – Audio Books

Storynory -Audio Books

Audio Stories

Book Trust – authors and illustrators including Cressida Cowell reading their own stories

BBC History


These websites will support you with maths. Some of them you have logins for from school, others are useful websites:

White Rose Maths

Times Tables Rock Stars


Fluent in 5, videos and worksheets

Cool Math Games

Maths is Fun – Maths Games

Maths Games and Worksheets


nrich – challenges


These websites will provide tutorials/Power Points/games/interactive activities and work sheets. You may need to subscribe (free) and log in.

Classroom Secrets -Maths, English, Reading and History

IXL Maths and English

ICT games- Maths and English



Other useful links you may use that you have a login for at school:

Accelerated Reader

Purple Mash