Home Learning

Home Learning – Year 3

This page will be updated regularly to add additional work/challenges for the children to complete.

If you have any questions during the time of the school closure please email your child’s teacher at the following email address:



Home Learning Tasks

Each day you will find a new set of challenges for you to complete.  You may choose to do all of the tasks or you may only choose to do 3 of the tasks.  You must complete at least 2 of the tasks each day. Remember, these will be updated every day.

WB 23.3.20

Tuesday 24.3.20

Wednesday 25.3.20

Thursday 26.3.20

Friday 27.3.20


WB 30.3.20

Monday 30th – Friday 3rd

Monday 30th – Fri 3rd Topic


WB 20.4.20

Welcome back Y3 Summer term

Weekly Tasks

Monday 20.4.20

Tuesday 21.4.20

Wednesday 22.4.20

Thursday 23.4.20

Friday 24.4.20


WB 27.4.20


Weekly Tasks

Monday 27.4.20

Tuesday 28.4.20

Wednesday 29.4.20

Thursday 30.4.20

Friday 1.5.20


WB 4.5.20

Welcome to the week

Monday 4.5.20

Tuesday 5.5.20

Wednesday 6.5.20

Thursday 7.5.20


WB 11.5.20

Welcome to the Week

Other Curriculum Tasks

Monday 11.5.20

Tuesday 12.5.20

Wednesday 13.5.20

Thursday 14.5.20

Friday 15.5.20


WB 18.5.20

Welcome to the week

Family Challenge

Monday 18.5.20

Monday WRM

Tuesday 19.5.20

Tuesday WRM

Wednesday 20.5.20

Wednesday WRM

Thursday 21.5.20

Thursday WRM

Friday 22.5.20


WB 1.6.20

Welcome to the week



Family Challenge Art

Monday 1.6.20

Tuesday 2.6.20

Maths WRM

Wednesday 3.6.20

Maths 3.6.20

Thursday 4.6.20

Maths 4.6.20

Friday 5.6.20

Maths 5.6.20


WB 8.6.20

Welcome to the week

Monday 8.6.20

Maths WRM

Tuesday 9.6.20

Maths 9.6.20

Wednesday 10.6.20

Maths WRM

Thursday 11.6.20

Maths WRM

Friday 12.6.20


WB 15.6.20

Welcome to the week

Monday 15.6.20


Tuesday 16.6.20

Maths WRM

Wednesday 17.6.20


Thursday 18.6.20


Friday 19.6.20


WB 22.6.20

Welcome to the week

Monday to Friday Sports Week Competition

The Iron Man Chapter 1

Monday tasks


Tuesday 23.6.20


Wednesday 23.6.20


Thursday 25.6.20


Friday 26.6.20



WB 29.6.20

Welcome to the Week

The lion inside book

Monday to Friday Maths

Monday English Tasks


Tuesday English tasks


Wednesday English tasks


Thursday English


Friday English tasks


WB 6.7.20

Welcome to the week 6-7-20

Monday tasks


Tuesday 7.7.20


Wednesday tasks


Thursday tasks


Friday tasks Maths and English


WB 13.7.20

Monday English and maths


Tuesday English and maths


Wednesday English and maths


Thursday English and maths



Body Coach Joe Wicks will be streaming live PE lessons online while your child/children are off school. Each 30 minute workout is appropriate for children of all ages (3 – 16 years). Workouts will start at 9am and will be held every weekday. You can find the link below

LIVE PE Lessons

The links below are websites that have free online books for children to read.  Some may require you to sign up (this is free).

World Book Reader

Oxford Owl

Book Trust – Getting children reading


Phonics Play

The following websites give you access to resources (worksheets/powerpoints/online tutorials), they may require you to sign up (this is free).

White Rose Maths


Classroom Secrets

Pobble 365 Gives you a picture – the children can then write a story about the picture, write a setting description about the picture or answer the questions at the bottom of that page.

Top Marks Math Games

Spelling Shed Games and Activities

Reading Eggs

BBC Bitesize

The following websites are websites that children have log in details for:

Times Tables Rock Stars


Accelerated Reader

Purple Mash



Louise Fazackerley- Poetry Home Learning