Home Learning

Home Learning – EYFS Reception

This page will be updated regularly to add additional work/challenges for the children to complete.

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Week beginning 25.01.2021

Your daily lesson videos can be found on your class Frog page.

EMW (whole week)

Creative Tasks (whole week)

Maths Planning (whole week)

Phonics (whole week)

Literacy Planning (whole week)

Maths task- 25.01.2021

Story read by Mrs Crowther- 25.01.2021

Maths task- 26.01.2021

Literacy with Mrs Crowther- 26.01.2021

Maths task- 27.01.2021

Literacy with Mrs Crowther- 27.01.2021

Maths task- 28.01.2021

Literacy with Mrs Crowther- 28.01.2021


Week beginning 18.01.2021

Creative Tasks (whole week)

Monday tasks- 18.01.2021

EMW- 18.01.2021

Maths PowerPoint- 18.01.2021

‘Thank you’ Story- 18.01.2021

How do you feel today?- Resource

Tuesday tasks- 19.01.2021

Numberblocks- 19.01.2021

Wednesday tasks- 20.01.2021

Numberblocks- 20.01.2021

Thursday tasks- 21.01.2021

Numberblocks- 21.01.2021

Friday tasks- 22.01.2021

Numberblocks- 22.01.2021


Week beginning 11.01.2021

Weekly Maths tasks- starting 11.01.2021

Monday EMW and English tasks- 11.01.2021

Tuesday tasks- 12.01.2021

Wednesday tasks- 13.01.2021

Thursday tasks- 14.01.2021

Friday tasks- 15.01.2021


Week beginning 04.01.2021

Tuesday tasks- 05.01.2021

Wednesday tasks- 06.01.2021

Enterprise Week Challenge

Thursday tasks- 07.01.2021

Friday tasks- 08.01.2021

Fridays link- Story time- Augustus and his smile


Below you can find some fun activities for you and you child to take part in at home:

Read Write Inc – live daily lessons!

Cosmic Yoga

Phonics Play

Twinkl – Home Learning

Oxford Reading Tre


Below you can find some fun activities designed by City in the Community, for your and your child to get involved in:

Sterling’s Special Fruit Smoothie

Spelling in Action

The ABC Market

Head to Toe

Count what you see

Jill Scott’s Veggie Stirfry

Mascot Kit Design

Happy Hands

Hand Hygiene- Ederson

David Silva’s Cheese and Ham Omelette

Mascot Adventure

The Sneaky Fox

De Bruynes Veggie Fajitas

City Store Manager

On the Moon

Bernardo’s Breakfast Wrap

Badge Collage

Drive the Car

Fernandinho’s Falafel Burgers

Pirate Island

How tall am I

Ellen White’s Protein and Cheddar Pinwheels