Our Local Offer

On this page you can find details about how Lily Lane Primary School supports children with Special Educational Needs. Sharon Oldham, Assistant Headteacher and Inclusion Manager (SEND Co) oversees the provision across the school. If you would like any further information she can be contacted on 0161 205 3397 or email


  SEN Report July 2018 




Case Study
A boy started our nursery with very little speech, and a very timid, shy personality. He was encouraged to start to speak using pictures through 1:1 work during Nursery and Reception and received a daily specific language intervention in Year One. This work was continued during Years Two and Three by one of our SEN teachers. In Year Three the boy also received some help for his speech sound production from the same teacher, working from advice from the speech and language therapist. Currently, the boy is finishing Year Four. He is a strong mathematician, making good progress with reading and writing and enjoying school.