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We are a ‘Healthy School’ which means that we have a National Award from the Department for Education and the Department of Health. Please note that from September 2013 children are only allowed to bring fruit for their snack at break time.

Healthy School Award

To achieve this award the school has to meet certain criteria based on PSHE, Healthy Eating, Physical Activity, and Emotional Health and Well-being.

Lily Lane meets the criteria in the following ways:



Personal, Social and Health Education is taught regularly as part of our curriculum. Also each half term we have a PSHE week where we look at different aspects of social and emotional health such as anti-bullying and friendships. Health issues are also discussed as well as sex and relationship education which will be age appropriate and in the context of caring relationships. We look after our environment to keep children safe within our grounds and the safety and well being of our children is the basis of all our school rules and policies

Healthy Eating:

Our school dinners are nutritionally balanced and we encourage parents providing packed lunches to provide healthy options; examples of healthy lunch-box items are ham, chicken, cheese or tuna sandwich, salad, fruit, yoghurt, carrot sticks etc More information about school meals can be found on the Manchester City Council website – MANCHESTER FAYRE Sweets, crisps and chocolate are not allowed in school.

Children are allowed to bring plain, bottled water into class and filtered cooled water is available for all children throughout the day as it has been proven that good hydration improves concentration. Fizzy drinks, flavoured water and juices are not allowed in school.

Fruit has been provided, free of charge, for the nursery and infant classes for many years now. The school is now also providing fruit for Junior Children every Friday (FRUITY FRIDAY!) – fruit is also available for Junior children to buy at breaktime during the rest of the week.

Nursery children are provided with free semi-skimmed milk every day. Milk is also available for all other year groups and can be purchased on a termly basis – please look out for the letters at the end of each term or speak to the office staff if you would like your child to have milk.

Physical Activity:

PE is a national curriculum subject and all children take part unless they are medically unfit. A variety of opportunities are provided for children to gain physical exercise. Indoor PE and dance take place in the halls which are equipped with climbing frames, benches and other equipment. Outdoor PE takes place in the playground or the Multi-Use Games Area. Children also have the opportunity to run and play outside at playtimes and lunchtime.

Please click here to see how the school allocates its School Sports Premium

Emotional Health and Well-being:

Staff are constantly striving to address the social and emotional aspects of learning through PSHE lessons. In addition we have two parent support advisers who work closely with parents and individual or small groups of children who may need extra support emotionally.

Dental Health

In Nursery all children brush their teeth each day after lunch. We have regular visits from the dental health nurse to educate the children about maintaining good oral hygiene.

The school nurse is also available if you have any concerns about your child’s health – the nurse can be contacted on: 0161 741 2043

You can find further information about healthy eating on the following websites: